Integrate your Withings/Nokia Health account into Open Humans

This app connects your Withings/Nokia Health to your Open Humans account and makes sure to update your data regularly.

Learn more by visiting our page on Open Humans.

How it works

  1. Click the "log in" button
    This takes you to Open Humans authentification page.
  2. Log in or create an Open Humans account
    Your Withings/Nokia Health data will be added to this account.
  3. Authorize this app in Open Humans
    This authorizes us to add your Withings/Nokia Health data to your account.
  4. Return and click the button to link your Withings/Nokia Health account
    Log in using your Withings/Nokia Health credentials, and click to return to this app.
  5. On return here, this app will add your Withings/Nokia Health data.


  1. Will my data from Withings/Nokia Health be public?
    The short answer: No, by connecting your Withings/Nokia Health account you don't agree to make your data public or give anyone access to this data. It will be stored in your account and you decide with whom to share.
    The longer answer: It can be public if you want it to be public. If you're logged in into Open Humans can make individual sources publicly available through the public data feature.
  2. Do you keep my data up to date?
    Yes, we regularly update your data to keep it up to date. After logging in you can also manually trigger an update.
  3. Who's running this project?
    This project is run by the team of Open Humans itself.
  4. How can I get in touch with you?
    You can reach us via email at